JETCAR Express service has a solution to all your transport problems.

JETCAR Express service has an extensive variety of vehicles. We dispose of different types of vans, trucks and trailers. Besides we have different departure points as well, so that we can load your goods quickly every time and keep the transport rate as low as possible.

JETCAR Express service specializes in express shipments. These are shipments carrying the (dangerous) goods immediately, without additional stop, from point A to point B.

JETCAR Express service has more to offer however. We dispose of our own safety advisors, so you can entrust us your shipments of dangerous goods. We have warehouses at our disposal, so we can ensure the storage and transshipment of your goods.

All these possibilities make JETCAR Express service highly flexible, so we can offer the right transport solution any time.

JETCAR Express service uses different departure points across Flanders. This holds different advantages for you. First of all we can calculate you an attractive rate and guarantee a fast pickup besides.

Once the goods are loaded, they will be carried directly to their destination. As a result we can guarantee a fast and punctual delivery across Europe. Also shipments outside the European Union don’t cause any problems as well. When desired, we can settle all customs formalities. Off course you can take care of all the necessary documents yourself, that way we only have to settle customs duties.

From the moment your goods have been shipped, our track and trace system allows our dispatch to closely follow them so you will always know where your goods are.

After delivery JETCAR Express service makes life easier for you as well. Immediately after delivery you will receive an e-mail from us confirming delivery. You can decide for yourself which information this e-mail has to contain, so you can confirm the delivery to your customers.

Belgian and international regulation about this tricky matter is becoming ever stricter, so organizing these transports yourself is becoming more and more difficult. That’s why JETCAR Express service has its own safety advisors who can advise and assist you in this matter.

Our advisors assist you from price quotation until delivery. A specific route is mapped out considering the specific regulations about the goods to be transported. Foreign and overseas destinations do not cause any problem at all. An exact rate can be calculated using this route. That way you will not be unpleasantly surprised, neither about transport, nor about the rate.

Temperature controlled transport is to transport temperature controlled cargo. Our refrigerated vehicles are FRC criticized and guarantee a temperature of -20 °C until +20 °C during the whole route.

  • Transportable forklift
  • Height transport
  • length transport
  • Transport with loading crane
  • Exceptional heavy transport

You can count on us when you have to load/unload at multiple addresses. Our drivers are at your disposal for your distribution rounds with all types of vehicles.

JETCAR Express service can take over some of your existing rounds or we can design fully new ones, occasional or fixed over a long period, for you.

JETCAR Express service is pretty sure it can offer a good solution to any logistics problem. Whether goods have to be distributed over your departments, business gifts have to be distributed over your customers, delicate documents have to be delivered personally … JETCAR Express service has the right solution. Independent from type of goods, loading/unloading requirements, deadline or other requirements, JETCAR offers you a custom made transport solution at a clear, transparent and attractive rate.

JETCAR Express service completes your projects from the beginning until the end:

  • Planning of the project
  • Pickup of goods at your facilities or your supplier’s
  • Storage and handling in our warehouse
  • Division and planning of distribution routes
  • Execution and follow up of the delivery
  • Feedback to you: summary of deliveries and possible subsequent deliveries


Fast is not fast enough? JETCAR Express service offers you a solution in that case as well. With an on-board courier your delicate documents or important packages can be delivered worldwide in no time regardless of visa obligations.

The courier picks the goods at the loading point, he takes them with him in his hand luggage or puts them in the cargo space of the airplane and leaves the goods personally at the addressee. Immediately after delivery you will be notified by the courier. That way you are sure about proper delivery of your valuable goods within the agreed deadline.

It goes without saying that some restrictions regarding measurements and weight of the packages exist. Generally speaking packages are limited to maximum 40x20x30 cm and 5 kg for hand luggage and 120x50x30 cm (one large travel case) and 20 kg for accompanied luggage. More info and details can be obtained by contacting our dispatch on the free number 0800/92.599.