Distribution trips

Distribution trips

Your route, your timing

Does your company need to send more than the occasional urgent delivery? Do you regularly have to load and/or unload at multiple customer addresses? Leave your distribution trips to our trained drivers.

Use our services for your distribution trips

The options? JETCAR Express service can take on some of your current routes. Or create completely new ones. We can take over your distribution trips from time to time, or for longer periods.

Maybe you have another suggestion? Feel free to contact us. Together, we will find a solution to your situation.

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CASE: Daily distribution trips throughout Belgium and Luxembourg

On-time deliveries in distribution trips

Every day, car parts are delivered to different car dealerships throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. From Mechelen, I drive a daily route to Lokeren, Dendermonde and Aalst, together with fourteen other couriers who drive to other destinations. This distribution trip has to be on time; I need to be able to load as quickly as possible in order to unload at the concessions before certain deadlines. Together with the couriers who provide the other distribution rides, I am always on time for loading in Mechelen. Once all the car parts are in my vehicle, I pick up the transport document and make one last check to ensure that I have loaded all the goods out of my box.

I can then leave on time and see that the next shift is ready to load their route.

I arrive on time at all the stops on my route and can easily deliver all the goods. As a driver I feel appreciated because the customers are happy that I am on time.
After the route is finished, I can carry out another urgent shipment.

As a driver I feel appreciated because the customers are happy that I am on time.



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