Courier service

Courier service

We deliver anywhere, at lightning speed

Do you have multiple deliveries per day or week? Is speed always of the essence? But you don’t have an in-house courier? Then why not use our courier service.

Important feature: our driver will only take your goods. No intermediate depot, no other form of storage or transhipment; just directly to your destination. That makes delivery faster than usual. And with no other goods in the vehicle, nothing unwanted can happen to your shipment.

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Total peace of mind

JETCAR Express service gives you total peace of mind. Is the driver off work due to illness or holidays? Or are you short of vehicles? JETCAR Express Service is always there for you

Why our courier service?

  • Total peace of mind due to regular driver and replacement.
  • Lightning fast from A to B.
  • Your shipment will remain in its original condition.

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Jetcar transport

CASE: A reliable courier service

Jetcar is my right-hand man for express transport

Yesterday, late afternoon, a great deal of on-site materials were still being requested in our warehouse, to be transported to various sites across Flanders and Brussels. I called our regular courier service, Jetcar Express Service. I needed two vans and one truck the next day to load as early as possible and deliver directly to the different sites. The customer service employee reassured me that this would be their priority. All the necessary information was requested and the couriers picked up the goods in time to take them directly to their final destinations.

At around noon, I once again had to rely on Jetcar’s courier service to deliver another urgent and important subsequent shipment. They are ready to deploy their couriers and assist me in all my transport needs 24/7.

Jetcar Express Service is my regular courier service thanks to their fast and friendly service.



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JETCAR Express service is available 24/7. We’re available from 6am to 7pm CET, monday to friday. After 7pm and during the weekend you will be automatically connected to our standby service.

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