On-board courier

On-board courier

The sky is not our limit

Does your cargo need to get to another country urgently, wherever that may be in the world? And is it a valuable item? Deploy our on-board courier. This carrier has only one focus: ensuring your package arrives at its destination in no time.

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Our on-board courier’s approach

How it works? First, our on-board courier picks up your goods. He takes them with him in his hand luggage or checks them into the plane’s hold. Upon arrival, he will head to the destination, where he will personally deliver your shipment. Immediately afterwards he will contact you to confirm successful delivery.

Dimensions and weight

As I’m sure you understand, your packages or parcels cannot be too heavy or large. These are the limits:

  • hand luggage:40x20x30 cm and 5 kg
  • accompanied luggage:120x50x30 cm (large suitcase) and 20 kg

Why on-board courier?

  • Personal service.
  • Safety assured.
  • For any destination, anywhere in the world
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CASE: On-board courier to the rescue

The fastest delivery to the other side of the world with an on-board courier

We received a phone call from a client who urgently needed to send a small plate to Bangladesh. A ship was out of action due to a defect and the standstill was costing a huge amount of money. So the ship had to be repaired urgently. We immediately looked at the options for sending directly to Bangladesh with an on-board courier. In this context, there are certain criteria we have to apply, such as having the right visa. This turned out to be no problem, however, and we picked up the goods within two hours to fly directly to Bangladesh.
Our on-board courier arrived at the final destination within 24 hours of the request for transport. Thanks to his confidence in Jetcar Express service, our customer was able to make huge savings on additional costs.

Our on-board courier arrived at the final destination within 24 hours of the request for transport.

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