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Whatever your logistical challenge, our transport company organises transport at a fair price. Whether it’s goods that need to be distributed across your company’s departments, business gifts that need to be sent out to your customers, or sensitive documents that need to be delivered in person.

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Feel free to leave your entire project to us:

  • planning
  • collection of goods from you or your supplier
  • storage and handling in our warehouse
  • distribution and planning of the distribution routes
  • execution and follow-up of the delivery
  • our transport company also provides feedback: overview of deliveries and any subsequent deliveries
Jetcar transport

CASE: Jetcar Express Service is the transport company we were looking for

Transport tailored to our needs

We create made-to-measure frames. Our customers are spread across Belgium and Luxembourg and can request customised frames. So, the routes are never the same. In addition, the size and material of the frames make them very fragile. So it is impossible for us to work with a standard transport company.

In our search for a transport company that meets our specific requirements, we came across Jetcar Express Service. They deliver top-notch customisation: I can decide when the routes are driven, even up to a day in advance. The transport company also provides Track & Trace so that I can monitor the drivers and, if necessary, even adjust the route. But it doesn’t stop

there. Because these are such delicate goods, we have developed special formwork for their transport. So we had to find a transport company that would work with this. But that wasn’t a problem either. For each route, the truck is converted by Jetcar. So, in the morning, a perfectly equipped truck is ready for loading. This has proved very beneficial to us. No time is lost during loading AND the goods arrive at the customer’s in perfect condition.

All in all, this is an extremely flexible way to provide a distribution round tailored to my needs.

The transport company offers an extremely flexible way to provide a distribution round tailored to my needs.

CASE: Logistics partner for our tailor-made project

Daily delivery of goods to technicians

We were looking for a logistics partner to supply our technicians. They need the right pest control products on a monthly basis. We were also looking for a partner who would back take the used products from our technicians and organise sorting. Jetcar Express Service listened to our wishes and needs and presented us with a tailor-made proposal. Jetcar Express Service turned out to be the ideal logistics partner for us.

They now supply our technicians in Belgium on a daily basis and ensure that this project is tailor-made and carried out as required. From planning the trips, through calling the technicians, to sorting the used goods. They ensure that the whole project runs smoothly and that everything is monitored down to the last detail.

Jetcar Express Service ensures that the whole project runs smoothly and that everything is monitored down to the last detail.


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