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Jetcar Express Service has more than 30 years of experience in the transport industry. Whether it concerns fast transport, a distribution round, or a complete custom-made project, we always have the ideal solution for your logistic questions.  Do you urgently need to send documents, packages, palletized goods, ADR goods or temperature sensitive goods? Our employees and couriers are available 24/7. We will collect your goods as soon as possible and take them directly to their destination. So you can be sure of a fast and accurate delivery.

The early years of JETCAR Express Service

Denderbelle 1989,

With a minimal investment in a few trucks subcontracted to a transport distributor in Merelbeke and a good dose of opportunism, Jetcar got off to a good start.

After several years of experience in the world of transport, the decision was made to fulfil the very specific demands from businesses requiring fast or just-in-time transport.

Additional investments were made in licensed vans and small vehicles. A few customers around the region of Dendermonde, Lebbeke and Aalst started using our specific range of express transport services. The taxi for goods was a real hit in the region. Jetcar Express Service became a reality.

In order to guarantee this service, investments were needed in training of dispatchers and couriers. This type of dispatching and transport could not really be compared to regular distribution transport. A customer-specific approach was essential.

As a result of examining economies of scale, setting up a branch in Antwerp and expanding starting locations to Geel, Ghent, Brucargo and Kortrijk, extra customers were added throughout this Flemish region. This approach required the necessary adjustments in terms of organisation and planning, but the scaling up process turned out to be a springboard for the future of Jetcar.

JETCAR Express Service moves to Lokeren

In the years that followed, more and more companies called on our transport services and generated further transport orders. The personal approach towards our customers and the anticipation of their specific needs, together with good communication were key features that our customers really appreciated (and still appreciate today).  To support sales and dispatching, a fully-fledged customer service department was developed.

The expansion in personnel, however, meant that the maximum capacity at our location in Denderbelle was quickly reached. After a regional search, we found a great new home for all our employees and a pleasant environment to receive both customers and suppliers in the industrial zone E17 in Lokeren.

In order to emphasise our different departure points, particularly in West Flanders, we decided in 2018 to open additional branches on the outskirts of Flanders. The first additional branch was established in Roeselare. We are currently looking forward to opening an additional branch in the Limburg region as well.

The present

Since 1 September 2015, Jetcar Express Service has been based at Spieveldstraat 24 in Lokeren. The new location has numerous advantages. It is centrally located, easily accessible via the E17 or the N47 and has a warehouse with sufficient storage capacity for our specific projects.

Important steps are also being taken in the field of digitalisation and computerisation. Invoicing, for example, has been digitalised. The Track and Trace and our planning system are constantly being adapted to better meet the needs of customers, dispatch and couriers. This year a new website and a customer portal will also be introduced.

The future

The new location, the extra storage capacity and the extensive digitalisation and computerisation give us the opportunity to continue to grow and maintain our services and, where possible, capitalise on opportunities of our own.


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