Warm, cool, frozen

Conditioned transport corresponds with specific challenges. If your goods are not kept at the ideal temperature for the whole journey, quality will deteriorate. They could even start to decay.

That’s why you need a transport company with expertise and the right vehicles. Enter: JETCAR Express.

We have the vehicles and cargo space for every temperature. Always equipped with built-in temperature monitoring and control, adjusted to the ideal climate for your goods.

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Hot & Cold

Various vehicles are available to transport temperature-sensitive goods. Depending on the type of goods being transported, the temperature in the loading space can be set up in different ways. Conditioned transport involves both refrigerated and heated transport.

A temperature between -20°C and +20°C can be guaranteed. The use of temperature control systems is essential for any form of conditioned transport. They allow a stable temperature to be maintained.

Jetcar can do it

When you need it, Jetcar Express Service will provide you with a conditioned vehicle that meets these strict conditions. We have a cooling and freezing network that can transport your temperature-sensitive goods at between -20°C and +20°C.

If Jetcar organises your transport, you can rest assured that the vehicle will have the appropriate temperature control and temperature registration systems.

A Transport Management System (TMS) and on-board computers ensure efficient transport planning, execution and follow-up. We do all we can to ensure your shipments are delivered to their destination in accordance with our high quality standards. So you can hand over your refrigerated transport needs without any worries.

Jetcar transport

CASE: Water sampling for conditioned transport

In the fight against COVID-19, water has to be tested

In the fight against COVID-19, we transport water samples from different locations in Wallonia. In order to transport the water samples at the right temperature, we have provided special thermo-boxes to couriers. The temperature then remains stable at all times and the couriers can check to ensure conditions are maintained. The water samples have to be collected immediately and exclusively as they have to arrive in the laboratory at a certain time.

The transport process is designed to commence immediately, without any interim stops, and at the correct temperature.

We offer certainty by equipping our trucks with temperature control and temperature registration. For us, it is extremely important that the samples are transported according to our customers’ high quality requirements. Our customer is then reassured that the water samples will reach the laboratory at the right temperature and under the required conditions.

For us, it is extremely important that conditioned goods are transported according to our customers’ high quality requirements.



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