Jetcar Express service expands with a conditioned van

With the purchase of a new conditioned van, Jetcar Express service is expanding its fleet.

New conditioned van

Here is some info about our brand new vehicle:

•             Maximum dimensions: 320*125*170*cm;

•             Maximum load capacity: 1000 kg;

•             FRC-approved;

•             Refrigeration system: Thermo King V300MAX20;

•             Guarantees a temperature of -20°C to 20°C;

•             The temperature is continuously monitored by the real-time temperature monitoring system;

•             Additional manual data logger and data monitoring system for Testo brand food products;

•             Additional temperature sensor from D24 tracking

Of course, this is not our only vehicle.  As before, you can come to us for all your conditioned transport needs, from -3.5T to a full load, with or without tailgate. All our vehicles can be used from our different starting points all over Belgium

Back-up for our own distribution

Besides conditioned cargo that needs to be transported directly in a dedicated vehicle, you can also count on Jetcar Express service as a back-up for your own drivers. For example, if a distributor of food boxes needs extra transport in busy periods or weekly conditioned transport services, we will be happy to help you with an adapted quote. We can take over distribution rounds for one or more days a week or in a certain region.

Punctuality above all

Even more so than with ordinary transport, correct planning and timing is extremely important when working with conditioned transport. Our employees really go the extra mile when it comes to scheduling transport orders for refrigerated or frozen goods such as samples, food, dangerous goods, etc. according to the agreements made with the customers. Thanks to good communication with the customer and with the driver, we ensure that the delivery is made on time at home or abroad.

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